Oklahoma Mesonet iPhone App

If you live in Oklahoma (or care about its weather) and want access to current meteorological conditions, today is your day. The free Oklahoma Mesonet iPhone App was just released. I, for one, am extremely excited.

The app leverages data from the Mesonet’s network of 120 automated observing systems, covering all 77 counties. Current conditions are presented in a simple and elegant interface, with forecasted conditions shown below in a swipeable bin. The app also offers a plethora of maps, including wind, temperature, moisture, and more. A basic radar view is also presented (for more in depth radar options, I still recommend Storm Spotter). Users are also shown current advisories.

Overall, the app looks pretty awesome, clutter-free, and easy-to-use. Go grab it.

(via: Kevin Kloesel)

[Updated: Ryan Sobash points out that meteograms are not currently available. Hopefully those will be added soon.]