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Streaking Into 2019

Farewell to the First Apple Watch

Help Me Raise Money For Teen Recovery Solutions

Three Years Later

1,600 Miles

'Twas The Night Before the Election

Five Years

Help Me Raise Money For OK Foster Wishes

My Favorite Podcasts

Two Years Later

Apple Fights For Privacy


Anne Frank’s Diary Enters Public Domain

Writing Again

One Year Later

Concluding 2014

Three Years

Everett Hines Gibbs

Thank You and a Hiatus

Visualizing The Red River Rivalry

A Day at the Institute for Advanced Study

A Tipless Restaurant

Oklahoma Hates Education

Jerk of the Week: Joe Bastardi

Anna Gunn On Playing Skyler White

AMBER Alert Usability

World in 2000 as Predicted in 1910

John Mark Gibbs

A Bus Turned Bread Truck

Raising Concerns vs. Denialism

Why Tipping Should Be Outlawed

Two Years

Prelude To Disaster

In Which The FCC Doesn't Suck

About That Subway Map

Shameful Leadership


Twenty Nine Seconds

Dropbox Buys Mailbox

Oklahoma Still Hates Science

The Vehicle Has Exploded

Pentagon Is Set To Lift Combat Ban For Women

Is It Right?

Why Programmers Work At Night

Influential Beer

2012: Warmest Year On Record For Contiguous U.S.

Site Stats: December 2012

A Quick Recap Of 2012

How To Auto-Post On Facebook (Updated)

Charles Dickens On Christmas

The PING Project

More Terms of Use

Instagram's New Terms Of Use

Twenty Children

Site Stats: November 2012

The Oklahoman Is Full Of Shit

The Stupid Hour

Bedlam 2012

Robert Frost On Voting

Site Stats: October 2012

Apple Announces Corporate Leadership Changes

Apple's Fourth Quarter Financial Results

An Open Letter To Ann Coulter

Oklahoma Routs Texas

Site Stats: September 2012

iPhone 5 Reviews

Apple’s Magic Is In The Turn

You Can't Forget What Isn't Over

Site Stats: August 2012

"Best Wishes, Jim" - Howard Schnellenberger

One More Thing

Animal Physics

Site Stats: July 2012

Apple's Third Quarter Financial Results

Site Stats: June 2012

I Didn't Know RIM Still Existed

One Year

Site Stats: May 2012

Thank You

Maurice Sendak On The Colbert Report

Site Stats: April 2012

Follow-Up On "Sticking With Dropbox"

Sticking With Dropbox

Apple's Second Quarter Financial Results

What does "Storm Ready" Really Mean?

Seventeen Years

Storm Spotter 3.0 Review

Facebook Buys Instagram

The Rise Of E-Reading

Site Stats: March 2012

How To Write Like A Scientist

Giving Introverts A Hard Time


This American Life Retracts Episode About Apple

How Not To Sell Software In 2012

The New iPad Review Roundup

I Use My iPad Like An iPad

International Women's Day

Retina Math

The New iPad

Nike+ FuelBand Review

Site Stats: February 2012

Decoding Apple's iPad 3 Invitation

Oklahoma Hates Science

Your Address Book Is Mine

iPad 3

The Twelve South HoverBar Review

How To Auto-Post On Facebook

7-inch iPad

4th Annual National Weather Center Benefit Bash

Apple Lands Top Three Smartphones

Steve Jobs On Samsung Galaxy Note

The 2012 Gibbs Super Bowl Pick

Andy Gabrielson Killed

The New Microsoft

Blogging With Second Crack

Site Stats: January 2012

Amazon vs. Apple: Earnings

Academics Boycott Elsevier Publishing

Apple and the Outsourced Economy


Boycotting Apple?

Oklahoma Mesonet iPhone App

Apple Addresses Factory Conditions

Only In Oklahoma

The "No Warning" Libel

Claim Chowder Four-Course Meal

Android Winning?

Apple's Record Quarter

Decoding RIM's Press Release

How To Make A URL Shortener

Dream Unrealized

Trending Upward

The Un-Apple Store

Women in Oklahoma


A Few Words of Advice For Ph.D. Candidates

Whatever Works For You

Android Orphans

iOS 5 Upgrade Day

A Numerical Simulation of a Plunging Breaking Wave

A Beautiful Piece of Wood

A Time to Die

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