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Help Me Raise Money For The Christmas Box International

TL;DR I turned 35 today. To celebrate, I will move my body 35 miles on May 25 with a goal to raise money for The Christmas Box International. I need your help, so I request that you sponsor me with a donation. I really think we can raise $500 over the next two months. Use this secure form and please consider sharing this page so that we can reach as many people as possible.

Streaking Into 2019

Resolutions I like New Year’s resolutions, although I used to think they were dumb (you can change any time of the year). Life is short, so we should celebrate when people want to better themselves. Personally, I found that I tended to start new things on beginnings in our calendar system, such as starting a new workout routine on a Monday, or a diet on the first of the month.

Farewell to the First Apple Watch

Apple unveiled the original Apple Watch on September 9, 2014 as a “one-more-thing” during their iPhone event. Back then I was a serious post-doctoral scientist doing serious scientific things. If you need me between 12-2p, I'll be locked in my office, lights out, watching the Apple event … I MEAN DOING RESEARCH. — Jeremy Gibbs (@jeremy_gibbs) September 9, 2014 I recall knowing immediately that I wanted the device. I didn’t exactly know why I wanted it, or what purpose it would serve.

Help Me Raise Money For Teen Recovery Solutions

TL;DR I turned 33 on March 22. To celebrate, I will move my body 33 miles on April 29 with a goal to raise $3333 for Teen Recovery Solutions (TRS). I need your help, so I request that you sponsor my run with a donation to TRS. Visit the TRS donation page before April 29 and enter gibbs33 in the Donation Note box (see below for what this looks like).

Three Years Later

Our son Everett joined my wife and I on this day three years ago. His first year molded us into parents, while the second year allowed us to take the smallest of steps backward to watch him bloom. As I wrote last year, the pace of life is disquieting. As I reflect on his third year, I am once again astonished at how a single year can seem like a second.