Bedlam 2012

Today marks the 107th Bedlam Football Series matchup between the University of Oklahoma (OU) Sooners and the Oklahoma State University (OSU) Cowboys.

This is a followup post to last year’s bedlam article.

In evaluating the previous 106 games, it is clear that the term Series is more fitting than Rivalry. This remains true despite last year’s 44-10 drubbing of OU by the Pokes. I even stated that last year’s OSU squad was more talented:

In fact, it may well be the case that OSU has the better team this year.

I’ve compiled some statistics that illustrate just how historically one-sided the series has been in favor of the Sooners.

All of this isn’t meant as disrespect for Oklahoma State. They are clearly a team on the rise. Over the past five seasons, OSU has a 30-10 record in Big 12 games - the same record as OU. The point is that it seems very strange to refer to this game as a huge rivalry, especially when one team has managed to win less than one game out of every five for over a century. As Oklahoma State continues its national rise, the Bedlam matchup will become increasingly important. Just remember how lopsided it has been to date.