This Saturday, Stillwater will play host to the 106th Bedlam Football Series matchup between the University of Oklahoma (OU) Sooners and the Oklahoma State University (OSU) Cowboys. In evaluating the previous 105 games, it is clear that the term Series is more apropos than Rivalry. I’ve compiled some statistics that illustrate just how historically one-sided the series has been in favor of the Sooners. These are especially interesting in light of the implications for #3 OSU (10-1) when they play #10 OU (9-2).

In recent years, OSU has talked about taking the next step and becoming a perennial football power. In fact, it may well be the case that OSU has the better team this year. This Saturday the Cowboys will again host the Sooners with a BCS (and potential national championship) bowl game at stake. Every time that opportunity has presented itself in the past, they have failed to take advantage. Until they prove it, what in Oklahoma State’s history would make you think they will?