iOS 5 Upgrade Day.


Today, Apple released iOS5, iCloud, and updated all associated software.

iOS 5

Simply plug your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into iTunes to update to iOS

  1. Alternatively, you can manually update.

Apple also updated several of their apps for iCloud and iOS compatibility. You can check for updates on your iDevice or go directly to the App Store via the links below.

New Apple Software

Updated Apple Software

Check for other software updates on your device as third-party developers are now releasing iOS 5 and iCloud compatibility updates.

Apple TV

To update Apple TV 2, go to Settings -> General -> Update Software. Alternatively, you can grab the direct download.

Mac OS X Lion

To use iCloud on your Mac, you will need Mac OS X 10.7.2. To download the update, click  -> Software Update. You can also grab the combo update directly from Apple (normal, server). Aperture and iPhoto were also updated with iCloud Photo Stream support. Those should also show up under  -> Software Update.


If you are an existing MobileMe subscriber, you can migrate your account here. If you are new to Apple’s web services, or are unsure how to setup your iCloud account, go here.