One Year

I awoke on June 7th, 2011 for the last time as a single man. One year ago today was my wedding day - a day in which I was so very fortunate to marry my best friend. The photo below is one of my favorite taken that day. As I watched my bride walk down the aisle, a sense of calm engulfed me and I could focus on nothing other than her. I love that photo because it describes how I feel about my wife beyond what any words could hope to convey.


The year following has been remarkable - at least for me. I have eaten more regular meals, done more laundry, washed more dishes, and slept more normally than I did combined in the past decade. I had my bachelor way of life challenged and emerged a better person. Most importantly, I have spent every day anticipating the end of my work day. Coming home to my wife is the best thing in the world.

The year was also very busy. My wife began her first year of Pediatric residency at OU Children’s Hospital. I worked toward my Ph.D. and passed my general exam. To say crazy hours were involved is an understatement. I’m sure I drove her nuts and there were times I was reminded how little I understood about women. Yet, we made it through a hectic year because we had each other.

Even with life’s demands, I sure did have fun. We were able to go on a cruise, train for and complete a marathon, and everything in between. My wife has a passion for life that is contagious. I can only imagine what the future holds.

As much as I cherished this year, it offered a reminder of how fast life passes. It made me want to cherish every subsequent year with that much more vigor. As we celebrate our first trip around the sun together, I am so glad that she married me. To have spent the last year sharing life with the girl I first met in 7th grade is like a dream. I hope I never wake up.