Site Stats: April 2012

After finishing the fourth month of my goal to publish a daily website, I thought it would be fun to again share the monthly statistics. Past stats can be found for January, February, and March. Visitor information is given for both April and the cumulative totals for 2012. Page views, unique visitors, and international traffic all saw significant gains.

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In April, professional obligations limited a few stories that I had hoped to post. They included the story of how I lost 110 lbs. and my first 60 days of using the Nike+ Fuelband. I will publish those in May. In addition, I will also share my journey of completing a marathon with my wife - which I kept quiet about during training (I didn’t want to jinx myself). Perhaps I will even share a few popular workflows I use when writing academic papers. I am still working on adding search capabilities and cleaner URLs for paginated content, both of which should be completed shortly.

April was the busiest month so far this year in terms of correspondence with readers. Thanks to everyone who has visited the site and offered feedback via Facebook, Twitter, and email. I am continually amazed at the audience’s clever and thoughtful comments - engaging me in viewpoints that I might otherwise fail to consider. I look forward to yet another month of sharing and hope that May will offer an abundance of interesting material. If you have any suggestions or comments, do get in touch or feel free to follow me.