Site Stats: January 2012

This site has existed for awhile in various forms, though, I never really paid much attention to it. Updates were infrequent and content was added sporadically. I just wasn’t sure what I wanted from the site, so instead I ignored it.

At the beginning of 2012, I decided to finally spend time on publishing this site. My main goal was to produce a website that I myself would visit. To reach this goal, I dedicated to writing or sharing something everyday about the topics that I find interesting. In doing so, it was my hope to expose people to viewpoints not considered and to content they might otherwise miss. Other than that, I was curious about which path the site might lead me down.

I want to share the results of my first month. In January, I successfully followed through in writing everyday, which was hard in the beginning. As time progressed, the process became habit - much like when one starts a new workout regimen. As far as traffic, well, you have to start somewhere. I have compiled statistics for January.




I honestly have no goals in regard to the amount of traffic the site receives1. I intend to focus solely on improvement every day through usability enhancements and quality of content. The edges are rough, but I am excited about the start. Thanks to everyone who has visited this past month, especially those who have offered feedback on Facebook and Twitter. The audience is well-informed, thoughtful, and engaging. I look forward to another month of sharing.

  1. What I mean here is that I have no goals of surreptitiously increasing page views though SEO bullshit. I don’t make any money from this site. Currently, it is solely a personal hobby. I do hope that as the site improves, more people will visit, interact, and share by word-of-mouth. ↩︎