The New Microsoft

Microsoft posted a request to customers asking for how the company should market Windows Phone.

If you’re here, we assume that’s because you love Windows Phone as much as we do – but maybe you’re frustrated that word’s not getting out to everyone about how great Windows Phones are? Just like with your suggestions on features to add to future versions of the product, we’d like your suggestions on how we can spread the word about Windows Phone itself via advertising campaigns, community or social media involvement and other types of promotions. Creativity highly encouraged, let us know what your ideas are!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the new Microsoft. Asking customers how to market a product? Really? Can you imagine how much flack Apple would catch if they did this? Picture in 2007, as he unveiled the iPhone, that Steve Jobs said, “We are pleased to announce this revolutionary device with a very unique user interface. Here’s the thing, guys. We don’t actually know how to sell it.”

Even as an Apple fan, this is depressing. What happened to the once-dominant company? Microsoft has been mired in stagnation for the better part of a decade.1 Windows Phone (namely the Metro UI) represents the only innovation out of Redmond since Xbox - and they can’t market the damn thing. It’s almost like they were genuinely surprised to have made a decent product.