Twenty Nine Seconds

Today, I turn 29. For this reason, I have one request. Instead of spending the time it would take to write a message on my Facebook page, in an email, or on Twitter - I ask you to instead spend a mere 29 seconds. Spend that time thinking of someone you love or admire. Spend that time telling someone that you care for or love them. Spend that time hugging or kissing your partner. Spend that time dreaming of your favorite place or memory. Spend that time being thankful for all you have in life.

As this is posted, I am somewhere in the Caribbean on vacation with my wife. I am thinking only of her. I will tell her that I love her more than life. I will hug her and kiss her. I will be reminded of our many great memories. And I will be thankful that she has enriched my life beyond that which I deserve. Rest assured, my birthday is a happy day. Make the day equally happy for yourself and others.