Women in Oklahoma.


A pretty disturbing summary by Holly Wall, news editor of This Land Press.

Some absurd realities: Oklahoma currently ranks #49 in the U.S. for number of women serving in state legislature (12.8%). Since statehood, only twelve women have held state-level executive positions (between 1914 and 1981 there were none). Only two women have represented Oklahoma in the U.S. Congress (two Representatives and no Senators).

On the flip side concerning women, Oklahoma ranks #1 in incarcerated women, #1 in child abuse deaths, #5 in teen pregnancies, #9 in women murdered by men, #41 in women’s employment & earnings, and #42 in women’s overall health.

It isn’t hard to draw the conclusion that without fair representation, women’s issues are of small importance in Oklahoma. Sad.

The more I think about it, this is bullshit. The smartest people I have ever known are women - starting with my wife. If I am ever blessed with a daughter, she will be raised knowing that having a penis is not a requirement to empower change, to represent their own interests, or to lead people.