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Update (April 17)

You have collectively donated $665, with donations targeting:


I turned 36 on March 22. To celebrate, I will move my body 36 miles on April 18 with a goal to raise money for charity. I need your help and request that you sponsor me with a donation to the charity of your choice. Take a screenshot and/or send me details of your donation and I will track how much we collectively raise. Please consider sharing this page with #36for36 so that we can reach as many people as possible.

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I turned 36 on March 22 amidst a global pandemic. Despite the circumstances, I am reminded that I have two great children, know true friendship, am healthy, and get to do science for a living at a job that affords me the flexibility to work from home. All things considered, life is pretty good for me. I do not care about gifts for my birthday—it is far more fun to honor those who work to make life better for others. I also believe that when people invest in you and your dreams, you should act in kind when possible. So, I started walking my age in miles for my birthday to raise funds for charity: OK Foster Wishes in 2016, Teen Recovery Solutions in 2017, and Christmas Box International in 20191.

Lake Hefner

As I wrote previously, I love walking/jogging/running because it allows me time to think. I want to do the same this year and I need your help. Instead of me selecting a single charity, I ask that you simply donate to your chosen charity and send me details or a screenshot. If you do not have a cause in mind, I suggest the the Michael J. Fox Foundation in support of Parkinson’s research. I will keep a running list of your causes and how much we collectively raise. As the world and our country battle COVID-19, this project can serve as a reminder that good people are doing great things in our communities. In return for your participation, I will make my body move 36 miles on April 18 around Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City.

The Goal

I think we can collectively raise $500 for charity, although any amount will be great (and I think we can do more). So, 36 miles for my 36th birthday in an effort to raise at least $500.

Can I Do It?

Yes. You can trust that I will honor my commitment of 36 miles. Why?

Maps of previous runs

I completed the 2012 OKC Memorial Marathon through a combination of walking and jogging. In 2016, I participated in a team for Run The Year and finished with an individual total of 1,600 miles. I also completed birthday fundraisers for my 32nd, 33rd, and 35th birthdays. I am notorious for setting crazy goals and seeing them through. Life is short. 36 miles is even shorter.


I plan to move my body 36 miles on Saturday, April 18. That will give me around 3 weeks to continue training and collect donations. Donations will be tracked through the end of April.

I never concern myself with speed. My knees are getting old enough that running very long is unlikely. I prefer a deliberate walk and jog. I am not an athlete, so do not expect world record speeds. I estimate that it might take me 10-11 hours. The main thing is that I will finish.

I need your help to make this happen. Choose a cause and donate. Every donation matters, no matter how small. Send me a screenshot or details via email, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I will keep an updated list of your causes and how much we have collectively raised.

Please Share

I would appreciate if you would share a link to this page using #36for36.

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Thank You

Your donation will help others and I am very thankful for your support.

  1. I was forced to skip 34 for 34 in 2018 due to a persistent quadriceps injury. ↩︎