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Five Years

Today my wife and I celebrate five years of marriage. Five years. Five. Years.

It feels like five minutes.

Too fast.

But numbers do not lie. Five years ago we were in Florida getting married and enjoying our honeymoon at Disney World.

Holding Hands Just married.

Little did I know then how many great things were ahead of us. We have completed a marathon together, we have traveled internationally, we adopted a puppy, and we had a son. In that last one, my wife gave me the best thing to ever happen in my life - Everett. We have celebrated two birthdays with Everett and look forward to many more. Our first, second, third, and fourth years1 of marriage were memorable.

Holding Hands Everett.

This year was like every year with Larissa - filled with adventure

Holding Hands Skiing in Utah.

after adventure

Holding Hands Rafting the Merced River in California.

after adventure.

Holding Hands Celebrating our five-year anniversary in Yosemite.

During our five years of marriage we have argued and we have agreed. We have raised our voices and we have whispered. We have been angry and we have loved. We have frustrated one another and we have inspired each other. The important thing through our journey is that we have been we.

I don’t know what the next five years will hold. If they are anything like the previous five, then I look forward to all of the memories our family will make - together.

Holding Hands The three of us.

  1. Notice the fourth year is missing a link. We were busy packing to move across the country from the only home we’ve known - and I missed posting. Trust me, it was a fantastic year. [return]

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